Choosing Art for Your Home: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

You can have the most beautiful and expensive furnishings and decor, but what really ties a room together is the art on the walls. So, if you have a bare wall that needs sprucing up, this is your cue to go ahead and buy a painting or two to hang. But unless you are an artist or art curator, chances are buying art, whether it is paintings or photographs, does not come naturally to you. You may be worried about choosing the wrong size, picking up the wrong frame, or choosing colors that do not compliment the rest of the decor. The process of buying art can be quite overwhelming for the novice consumer but do not let that intimidate you. 

Today, we have come a long way from an artworld that was privy only to an exclusive few. There has been a steady influx of emerging artists and affordable pieces, which has made it easier than ever to find quality pieces, even on a budget. In this blog, we have listed a few tips that will help you pick the right art for your home.

  1. Invest in pieces you truly love

You may be streamlined about your furniture or flooring choices, but with art, you can always be a little more eclectic. When you shop for art, do not buy a piece simply because it will fit into your living room’s color scheme; buy it because you love it. Art is the perfect way to express your personality and style. Moreover, you must be able to connect with a piece of art. Because it is such a significant investment, it must also make you happy every time you look at it.

  1. Learn about the artist

For art to be more meaningful, learning about the artist(s) always helps. When you learn about the person behind the stunning piece that sits on your wall, it can help you understand the meaning, context, and intent behind it. If possible, meet the artist(s) in person. If not, read about them online – the information is just a Google search away.

  1. Commission a piece

If you are unable to find something you like or something that fits into your living space, you can always commission a piece. This will not only allow you to get the exact size or color you want but also collect the work of an artist you admire. But when you choose an artist, you need to make sure that they have the experience creating commissioned pieces in the past. You also shouldn’t exercise too much control over the process or expect them to deviate too far from their own style.

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